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Liliana Angarita


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Lilliana was recognized as one of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, Leading Women Building Communities


After escaping from a deadly persecution, our five-year-old daughter was critically wounded and her legs broken by criminals who tried to kill us, and then we were welcomed by Canada, which has protected our family,” Angarita says gratefully. “[Hence] my new life is dedicated to serving our communities, teaching those who arrive here their rights and responsibilities.

In 2003, Liliana co-founded Casa de las Americas, to help new arrivals to Canada who had similar experiences to hers. In 2004, she co-founded the Collective Human Rights Defender Laura Acosta Corporation.

In 2003, Co-founded the Canadian Human Rights International Organization (CHRIO). Liliana currently works as a human rights activist for CHRIO. Officially, Liliana serves as the Community Centre Director. Whether it is providing women with domestic violence counseling or ensuring their safe arrival at an emergency shelter, Liliana works tirelessly to make a positive contribution to the community that she serves.

She also oversees the allocation of furniture and clothing to women and children that attend the CHRIO Community Centre. She studied social work and psychology, human Rights; Early Childhood Education; Communitarian and social services Management; Human Rights and International Human Rights and Security management. As a Navy League of Canada’s officer, she has also helped many children identify personal development and growth needs as future Canadian leaders.

Lilliana was recognized as one of the Top 25 Canadian Immigrant Award, Leading Women Building Communities; recipient of Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal; Constance E. Hamilton Award on the Status of Women; Volunteer Services awards 5and 10 years; Share the Light Award; International Successful Women Award ( Foundation Successful Women).

She also was nominated as one of the ten most influential Hispanic Canadians; Voices of Courage Award; Legacy Award and she received certificates of appreciation for an ongoing and meaningful contribution to the people and communities in all levels International, Federal, Provincial, and municipal.


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