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The COHURIDELA mission is the defense of fundamental human rights such as life, the dignity, the value and the equality between men and women. Our Organization also fights against all forms of discrimination on grounds of race, origin, nationality or origin, creed, gender, sexual orientation, physical and mental disabilities, according to the (UDHR) Universal Declaration of the human rights established by the United Nations.
COHURIDELA recognizes and adheres to the laws of human rights and procedures promulgated by the municipal, provincial and federal level of Government.
COHURIDELA is committed to helping residents, Canadian citizens, immigrants and those living abroad with a variety of services including settlement, family counseling, employment training, translation and interpretation, artistic training and volunteer opportunities. As well as all those activities that are aimed to improve the quality of life and promote all term of inclusion and participation in the context of social, political, economic, cultural, etc.
COHURIDELA helps immigrants to its adaptation to Canadian culture, providing information and services in the new society and public life.
The purpose ofCOHURIDELA is to make the transition from the newcomer a guiding, positive and useful experience for a healthy, individual, family and collective development.
COHURIDELA human rights organization defends the rights of people all over the world.
COHURIDELA scrupulously investigates abuses, exposes the facts extensively and put pressure on those with the power to respect rights and administer secure justice.
Human Rights Watch is an independent, international organization that works as part of a vibrant movement for holding human dignity and to advance the cause of human rights for all.


COHURIDELA strives to ensure that all the rights inherent to the human dignity of the families are respected, so that they can live in peace and justice and that everyone who is part of the community contributes in building this society without discrimination, free from racism and on equal terms.
COHURIDELA seeks the realization of truth, justice and full reparation for gross violations of human rights through legal and political actions at national and international level in the countries where human rights have been systematically violated.



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