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His staff has a team of specialists from several countries, who work where COHURIDELA has their missions; such as lawyers, journalists, academics, educators, social workers, human rights, etc.

These experts run missions and make specific inquiries, investigating human rights violations, allowing also with equal efficiency and support the most diverse causes in terms of human rights in different countries, particularly including countries affected by specific cases. 



Lilian Julieth Guilombo
President and Chief Executive Officer




Liliana Angarita
Senior Operations Manager 

Mario Guilombo
Director, Human Rights Promotion &  Refugee Protection program


Belen Mosqueda
Human Resources Manager


Isabelle Agbo
Director, Women Human Rights Program



Joseph Butti 
Donor Relations and Special Events Officer




Cesar Grijalva
Legal Director & Advocacy Strategist, Refugee Protection

Dilia Paola Gomez Patino
International Legal Counsel 

Orlando Gonzalez
Researcher Human Rights & Equal Justice Program

Radamiro Gaviria
Chief Operating Officer

Wilman Guerrero
Director, Global Security and Human Rights Initiative


Lolimar Pena Duran
International Legal Counsel


Rafael Sebastian Gil Ospino
Finance & Business Development Manager


Lissette Teran
Fundraising Officer and grants manager


Manuel Jaramillo Cardona
Special projects Director


Ornella Coromoto Marquez
Director, Communications Strategies and Media
Senior Media Relations Associate

Luisa Amanda Moncada
Communications Associate


Anibal Arias
Senior Video & Photographer Producer


Laura Stefania Castro Penagos
Anti-Trafficking Campaign assistant

Francisco Garcia
Senior Manager, Special Events


International Missions 

Ana Regina Martinez Romero
Executive Director
Missions Venezuela

Maria Victoria Piedrahita Rojas
Executive Director Missions of Colombia


Luis Eduardo Correa Ramos
Executive Director Atlantico Missions


Maria Victoria Piedrahita Rojas
Executive Director
Meta & Llanos Orientales


Myriam Marin
Executive Director
Mission Santander

Uriel Cubillos
Executive Director
Mission Bogota  & Cundinamarca


Shabana Lawrence
Executive Director
Mission Pakistan


Higinio Martir Serrano
Senior logistics coordinator

Maria Jose Rico Serrano
Executive Director
Mission El Salvador


Leonardo Israel Rico Serrano
Chair President
Mission Salvador


Clara Luz Mazariegos
Grants Manager




COHURIDELA strives to ensure that all the rights inherent to the human dignity of the families are respected, so that they can live in peace and justice and that everyone who is part of the community contributes in building this society without discrimination, free from racism and on equal terms. 

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